Funding Canadian Churches.
Building Ministry Since 1957.

Low-interest loans for kingdom growth.

CCDC has been stewarding kingdom growth for over 60 years

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We provide low-cost financing and associated services for affiliated Canadian congregations (presently excepting Ontario).

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Our loans are tailored to meet our partners needs.

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We finance churches, camps, and colleges in most provinces.

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Financing churches across Canada since 1957

Our philosophy is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through providing low-interest financing of capital projects for churches in Canada (outside Ontario).

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Does your church belong to one of our partner affiliations?

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List of Affiliated Organizations:

We serve to finance churches who align with our goals and values to grow the kingdom. View our current affiliated churches:

We Serve
  • Christian Churches and Churches of Christ (Restoration Movement)
  • The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists (FEB)
  • Vision Ministries Canada (VMC)
  • Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC)

Statement Of Beliefs and Practices

“We are Christians only but not the only Christians” Restoration Movement Slogan

We support specific aligned denominations and churches that follow our statement of beliefs, outlined below. Organizations must align with this statement and belong to one of our partner affiliations.

The mandate of Church of Christ Development Company Ltd. (CCDC) is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing low-interest capital loans to congregationally governed churches in Canada, except the Province of Ontario. CCDC is governed independently but shares a common set of principles, based on a commitment to Biblical integrity, with the historic Restoration Movement, and outlined in the following Statement of Beliefs and Practices:

Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God
(Mt 16:16)

That Christ died to atone for the sins of all people and was raised from the dead
(Ro 4:25, Ro 6:9, Ep 1:20)

The Bible, containing 66 sub-books, is the inspired Word of God, the authority for the teaching, organization and life of the church
(2Ti 3:14-16)

That we seek the unity of all believers by practicing Biblical Christianity
(Jn 17:20, Ep 4:1-13)

People are justified by faith in Jesus Christ, confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior, being baptized and obeying His commandments
(Jn 3:16, Acts 2:38, Ro 10:9-10, Mt 28: 18-20)

Practicing observance of the Lord’s Supper preferably weekly but at least monthly
(Mt 26:26-28, Mk 14:22-24, Lu 22: 19-20, 1Co 10: 16-17, 11: 23-32)


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Capital Projects

Is there a building or piece of land God is calling you to purchase?

We provide low-interest loans for land and building purchases.


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